By default your reward program have a private subdomain such as To host your reward program on your own domain, you just have to add a CNAME that point to your reward program URL.

The hostname must be the subdomain that you would like to use for your rewards program. If you like your rewards program to be accessible at then your hostname should be beans. If you want your rewards program to be accessible at then your hostname should be rewards... et cetera

The type must be CNAME.

The value must be your rewards program current address. It always end with

Here is an example.

If you get a 400 bad request when you visit your custom domain, that means you will need to set your custom domain in your settings, so that Beans can link it to your rewards program. Go to settings, then click on general tab and edit the custom domain field. You should add your custom domain without any http/https or leading slash. For example:

Any changes you make to DNS can immediately affect your client’s ability to reach your resources. We cannot take any responsibility for any changes you make to DNS, so be very careful. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Useful links

Use this link if you need to check if your CNAME is correctly set up and if the propagation is done. Please note that the DNS propagation can take up to 1 day, depending of your registrar.

If you are using GoDaddy here are some detail instructions.

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