You can choose the widget position (left or right), from your Beans Business account, in the widget integration section .

If you need more customization, for instance moving the widget 10px up, you can achieve it by adding some custom CSS.

From the Shopify edit HTML/CSS view you can modify your sites css. You'll need to locate the theme.scss.liquid file, which is usually located in the assets folder

In this file you need to paste the below code:

      bottom: 30px !important;

The default widget's position is at 20px, so setting it to 30px will move the widget 10px up.
Don't forget to add "!important" to make sure that the default value is overwritten.

Any changes to your css can immediately affect the appearance of your site for your customers. We cannot take any responsibility for any changes you make to the css file, so be very careful. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

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