Go to the members page here. You will have access to all customers who have joined your rewards program.

If needed you can search for the customer whose account you want to check, debit or credit. You can search by id, email, first name, or last name.

Once you have found the account you are looking for, click on it. It will bring you to the account page that should look like the screenshot below. On this page you can check the customer's account and the full history of transaction.

Go to the manual credit/debit box where you will be able to manually credit or debit the customer's account.

If you want to credit the customer, just enter a description and a positive amount of beans in the beans field.

Click on the add button to validate. In this example the customer will get 200 beans immediately and will receive an email notification.

If you made a mistake, do not try to debit the customer account. Instead, click on the cancel button to avoid fee and save money. Moreover this is better for your analytics.

If you want to debit the customer account just repeat the process and enter a negative balance in the beans field.

In this example, the customer will get debited 200 beans and will receive an email notification.

If you just want to test how the credit and debit work, we recommend to use the beans bot account here. Not only there is no fee associated with debiting this account, but the tests you run will not corrupt your analytics.

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