We send a lot of notifications to your customers. So notifications are a big deal for us.

Beans notifications system is customized for each of your customers. Customers who love to receive notifications will receive a lot of them. Customers who don't like to receive a lot of emails will get less notifications. Customers who don't like notifications at all will not receive any notifications.

First you should know that the notifications system has 3 level of preferences:

- Preferences set by the customer: When a customer join your reward program, the first thing we ask is how often do they like to receive notifications. Depending on their answer we know when and how to email them. This is the preference level with the highest priority.

- Preferences set by the rewards program's owner: Beans will fallback to these preferences if the customer has not set their preferences. This is the preference level with the medium priority. Preferences set by customers will always override the preferences set by the rewards program's owner.

- Lastly if neither the customer, nor the reward program's owner have set the notification preferences, Beans will fallback to the default settings.

In addition to that Beans use Artificial Intelligence to email each of your customers on the day and time when they are more likely to open and click the email.

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