The main reason why people turn off the notifications is because they don't want to annoy their customers. This is understandable as they are already sending marketing emails and coupon code offers with Mailchimp or any other emailing software.

Before changing your notification settings, you should know that:

- Average unique click rate for notification sent by Beans is 17% and whereas average unique click rate on emails send by Marketers (even with coupon code offers) is around 2-3%.

- Average total open rate for notification sent by Beans is 148% and for some retailers can be higher than 250%.

In short Beans notifications performs way better than the average marketing emails (coupon code included).

Turning off the notification can have a very negative impact on your rewards program performance. In most case it's better to leave it as default.

If you want to know why notifications sent by Beans performs better than average, you should read this article:

How does the Beans notification system work?

PS: All data are base on sample larger than 10k

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