Before you read this, make sure to have read: Getting started with Beans for Shopify.

Unfortunately, Shopify has decided to not provide a discount API. So in order to get beans to work for your online store, our engineers have genuinely invented a simple way to discount the items in the cart. The redeem process as is, has one caveat: during the redemption process a duplicate product can be visible in the backend. However there is nothing to worry about as:

- Duplicate products can only be seen by the store administrator, i.e. you and your team.

- Duplicate products are automatically removed after the purchase

- Stock is automatically adjusted.

- There are not visible by search engines

- If the purchase is not completed the product is removed after a couple of hours.

Although this simple trick will work for 99% of retailers, some very few shops cannot deal with it. There are a couple of solutions to get around it on a case by case basis. If you are experiencing issue, please contact our support team.

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