Troubleshooting customers login

Customers are not are able to login. Account balance is not correct.

Many customers have multiple email addresses. And sometimes they register for a shop account using one email and for a rewards program account using another. Most of the time it happens when the customer joins your rewards program through Facebook. Many people have an old email that is linked to their Facebook account. It's normal and it is easy to fix. There are 2 solutions: The customer can either register for a new store account or the retailer can add their new email address to the customer's existing rewards program account.

This is the recommended solution. In that case, the customer will be recognized by Beans no matter which email they use to checkout.

How to link two email addresses to the same rewards program account

Solution 2 (Easiest): Customer registers for a shop account using the email they are receiving rewards program notification at.

This solution is simple and effective. However, the customer should make sure they always checkout with the email that is linked to their rewards program account.

Additional notes

Some customers try to login from:

In the past, this used to possible. Now customers are required to authenticate from YOUR shop. You should make sure that the customer understands that they should never log in or create a shop account. Everything should be done from your shop.