Integrating Weglot On Shopify Checkout Page

This article will help explain how Weglot can work with our Popups that appear on the checkout page.

The Poppy app has a pop-up that appears on the checkout page, In order for Weglot to be able to translate the Popup that appears on the checkout (thank_you) page, A Weglot script must be loaded on that page. To do so, first obtain the JavaScript code snippet by following this guide :

Here is a video explaining how you can get the JavaScript code snippet from Weglot:

After you have successfully gotten the code snippet you need to add it to the checkout page. To do this go to the checkout page located in the settings section of the Shopify admin. Here is a direct link:

Scroll down to the Order processing section, in the input labeled Additional scripts, paste the Weglot snippet as shown in the below screenshot.

Click Save.

Here is a video showing how you can add the code snippet to the Shopify checkout page. After you have successfully added the coding snippet on the Checkout page the Popup will be translated to the language you select.