Join Newsletter
Invite customers to join newsletter
This rule allows you to collect customer's email addresses. It will display a popup to invite them to leave their email address. You can use it to build an effective email list and increase conversion by sending notifications about promotions and other exciting deals in your store.

How does it work?

After you activate this rule, an email collection popup will be displayed to all the visitors who come to your shop. That said, to keep a good shopping experience, the popup will only show once per customer (unless they change their device or browser).


To begin you need to make sure the Join Newsletter rule is activated.
1. From the Rules page, find the Join Newsletter rule and click on Edit.
2. From the Edit Rule page, find the Popup Template section and click on Edit Popup
3. On the Edit Popup page you can change easily the popup text and its design. (Take a look at this article to see how to edit your popup template)
4. When you're done with the look of the popup, make sure you click on Save.


All the emails collected via the Newsletter popup are displayed on the Subscribers page.
You can connect an email marketing app to this rule in order to send collected emails directly to your email list. We integrate with Mailchimp and Klavyo, but we highly recommend you use our own built email automation app, Foxx. It works seamlessly with our other apps and lets you reach out to customers with highly relevant offers at the moment they are most likely to shop. Learn more about Foxx.

Test the popup

Follow instructions on this article to know how to test your popup as you were a customer.