Add extra referral conditions.

Sometimes you want to make your referral program more custom. And you want to add specific conditions before the referral be deemed successful in order to ensure that your referral program is beneficial to your business as expected. For this cases, Bamboo has a Condition feature that helps you set extra conditions that will be used to validate the referral program.

Minimum Purchase (USD)

The minimum purchase let you set a minimum amount that the referred friend should spend before the referral be deemed successful. This is the perfect option to make sure that your referral program is profitable.

For example, you have want to give a big amount for successful referral such as $20, but you have a large divergence of products in shop in terms of price: some products cost $10 and other products cost $200. If the referred friend only spend $10 in your shop, you will be giving the referrer $20 coupon as a reward and you will have lost $10. When you set the minimum purchase you ensure that this cannot happen. With a minimum purchase of $100 you make sure that the referrer can only be rewarded if the referred friend spend at least $100. So you ensure that the minimum profit that you will get out your referral is $80.