This article explains how you Campaigns work inside Foxx

A campaign in Foxx is a one-time set of emails sent to a defined list of contacts. It lets you plan and executes the promotion of your business, with strategy. You can for example reach out to your customers with newsletters, announcements, product deals, etc. Once created, a campaign can be sent immediately, or it can be scheduled for going later at a specific time.

Creating a campaign

  1. From the Campaigns page click on Create campaign

  2. Enter the name that describes your campaign and click on Create

  3. Now you can set your campaign and define how it will be sent

Setting a campaign

  1. Campaign name: The name of the campaign that will be displayed in the Foxx interface

  2. Email Template: The look and the content of the campaign email. Take a look at this article to see how to edit an email template

  3. Audience: The target of the campaign. Select among the member list who to send the email to. Learn more about the member's list.

  4. Schedule: The moment the campaign will be sent. You have 3 choices:

    • Save for later: The campaign will be saved as a draft. you can come back anytime soon to edit it before sending

    • Send immediately: The campaign will be sent to the targeted audience as soon as you clicked on the Send button.

    • Schedule: The campaign will be sent on the date you would have selected. Once scheduled it is possible to cancel the campaign, make some edits to it, and then reschedule.

Deleting a campaign

Once a campaign is scheduled, you need to cancel it before being able to delete it. Sent campaigns are not deletable.

  1. From the Campaigns page, locate the campaign you would like to delete and click on the Edit

  2. Click on the Delete campaign red button on the bottom left and confirm.

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