Get your applications working perfectly.

The general settings for each of the applications are common, we will be using the Bamboo application (Referral program) to make the illustration.


  1. Store name: This is the name of your store

  2. Website: This is the link to your store

  3. Category: This is the category the product you sell belongs to, when you click on it you will see various options all you have to do is select the category which your product belongs to.

  4. Currency: Here you can select the currency value that you want to appear in your store when you click on it different currency value will appear, all you have to do is select the one your store uses.

  5. Logo: Here you can upload a new logo

  6. Primary Color: Here you set the primary color you want the application to carry, it might be your brand color or any other color that is suiting to you as the retailer.

  7. Support email: This is the email address associated with your store

  8. Timezone: Here you can set your timezone

How does it work?