This article explains how the tiers system works in Liana

This feature is exclusively available on Beans Enterprise.

The Tiers feature lets you create special memberships where customers enjoy different loyalty program benefits depending on their level. Each level is defined by the number of points they earn during a rolling year. You can set up to 3 tiers. We recommend you set at least 2 tiers to make your tiers system attractive to customers.


To activate this feature, go to the Tiers page from the left menu and activate the tiers that you want. Once a tier is active, it becomes editable and you can set it up according to the needs of your store by changing the default parameters.

Deactivation If you want to disable a tier, select it and click on the edit button. When you are on the Edit Tier page you will find the Disable tier button on the bottom left. Click on it and confirm to remove this tier from your rewards program.


  1. Tiers name: The name that will be displayed to reference this tier on your reward program page

  2. Icon: The icon that will be used for the tier on the reward program page

  3. Points: The minimum points to accumulate to reach this tier. For example, if you set it to 5000 points, it's mean that when a customer earns 5000 points during a rolling year, they will automatically be upgraded to that tier.

  4. Points multiplier: The number of times, the points earned by a member of this tier will be multiplied. If it is set to 2 and a customer was supposed to earn 100 points after a transaction, they will get 200 points.

  5. Additional benefits: This is a list of extra benefits that you would like to offer your customer. Examples: Free shipping, Special gift cards, etc. Don't forget to remove the default additional benefits that are added when you activate a Tier.

When you are done editing the tier settings, click on Save to apply the change to your store.

Note that changes you made to a tier might take up to 10 minutes to be applied on your shop rewards page.

How does it work?

Once a tier is activated it will display on your storefront reward page. A new section "Membership" is added and customers will be able to see information about all the available tiers, what is their current status, and how many points they need to reach to the next tier level.

Tier member lists

When you set up a tier, a new list is created and automatically updated as new members get enrolled in that tier. To get access to that list you will have to go to your Lists page under the Members section.

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