Buy products with points

Make it possible for your customers to redeem their points towards specific products.

In addition to letting customers redeem their points for a discount on their purchase, Beans has other reward options. With the "Buy products with points" option, you can allow shoppers to use their points to get a product in your store. This is especially useful if you have a special collection of items that can only be obtained with points. This feature is great at boosting customer participation in your rewards program.

The Beans admin interface allows you to select the product in your shop that should be exclusively redeemable with points. This means that the products you have selected for the rewards program will no longer be available for purchase in your store through regular checkout. Once you activate that option for a product its price will be displayed in points and a new Pay with points button will replace the regular Add to cart call to action. When a customer clicks on it, the product will be automatically added to their cart with a special redemption coupon applied. Note that the customer must be a member of your rewards program and have enough points to redeem for the product.


  1. From the left menu, go to Loyalty > Redemption

  2. Locate the Buy products with points section

  3. Select products that will be exclusively redeemable with points

  4. When you are done, click on the Save button

Only products that have been published in your store, and that have a valid price will be available for selection.

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