Caching issues
Issue with rewards and referral program display due to cache
Many WordPress websites rely on caching to deliver good performance to visitors. While caching is very advantageous to improve websites traffic, it has the inconvenience to be hard to debug especially for dynamic websites.
In the majority of cases, it is recommended to not cache dynamic pages, because the version of the page cached can be outdated or inaccurate. There are 2 types of pages on a website: static pages and dynamic pages. A static page is static as the name suggests, meaning that its content does not change. On the opposite, dynamic pages change often and therefore are not suited for being cached.
We recommend excluding the rewards program page and the referral program page from your cache system, because they are dynamic pages that do not display the same content for each customer.
Here is a step-by-step instruction of how to achieve that with Wp Rocket.
  • Go to WP Rocket > File Optimization section
  • Uncheck all checkboxes in the JavaScript Files section and save
  • Go to Advanced Rules option and add these lines into Never Cache URLs section:
  • Scroll down and save.
  • Clear cache and go to the program pages in your store. If you still experience this issue. Please contact our customer support.
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