Team access

How to give an administrator access to your team members.

The team access management feature makes it easier to collaborate with your team. From the team access management interface you can invite other team members to administrate your rewards program. Please note that all administrators have the same level of access. So we encourage you to only give access to vetted team members that you trust.

Add an admin

  1. From the settings menu, select Team access.

  2. Click on the Add Admin button and follow the instructions. The invited team member will receive an email to set up their password and as soon they do so, they will be able to access the Beans admin interface.

Remove an admin

  1. From the Team access page, locate the team member you want to delete, click on the Remove button and confirm.

  2. Your team member will be removed from the team list and won’t be able to access the Beans admin interface anymore.

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