Enrollment of customers in the rewards program

This article explains how customers are enrolled in your rewards program

New Customer Registration

By default, new customers that create a store account will become members of your rewards program. If you enable the welcome email for your rewards program, they will receive an email that lets them know they have just joined your rewards program and that explains to them what the benefits are.

Existing customers

Existing shop customers refer to customers that exist in your shop before you launch your loyalty program. Existing customers will be automatically enrolled in the rewards program once you set it up and activate it. Only customers that have accepted to received marketing emails will be auto-enrolled. Same way as for new customer registration, if you activate the welcome email notification, existing customers will also receive it when they are enrolled in your rewards program.

Guest customers

Guests are customers that place an order in your shop without creating an account. By default, guest customers are only enrolled in your rewards program if they have checked the option to receive marketing and promotional offers at checkout. Note that some shops may be configured to have this option checked by default. If a guest customer has not accepted to receive marketing offers, they will not be enrolled in your rewards program. Alternatively, you can also set up an email invitation for guest customers to join your rewards program.

Apart from the auto-enrollment, you can also add members to your programs by either adding them manually or importing them.

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