How to properly uninstall the Beans application on your Shopify store.

Go to your Shopify admin and confirm that Beans appears on the list of applications on the Apps page.

1. Click on Delete to remove the application from your store.

2. Remove the pages for your loyalty program or referral program that were automatically created by the Beans app. a. From your Shopify admin, navigate to the Pages Section (Online Store > Pages) b. Look for the Rewards Program page and delete it c. Look for the Referral Program page and delete it

3. The last step is to clear the authentication snippet. a. Navigate to Online Store > Themes select Edit code in the Actions dropdown

b. Open the theme.liquid file c. Look for the following line and remove it:

<script>window.beans_cjs_id = '{{ customer.id }}'; 
window.beans_cjs_email = '{{ customer.email }}';</script>

d. Make sure to save your changes.

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