Redeem points

How can customers redeem their points on the store?

By default, the option to redeem points is available on the cart page. If you are using WooCommerce or Shopify Plus it is also possible to allow customers to redeem their points from the checkout page.

How to redeem points?

First, make sure that you are logged in to the shop with the email you are receiving rewards program notifications at. If you don't have an account attached to that email, please just create one. The system will automatically link it to the right rewards program account using your email. Then go to the cart and click on the redeem button that should be below the cart.

Add a product to the cart and go to the cart page. You will see the option to redeem your points directly on the cart near the checkout button (Make sure that you logged in). Click on the button to redeem your points. Based on the redemption conditions set by the retailer (available on the rewards program page), a discount will be applied to your cart.

Please note that you will not be able to select the number of points that you would like to redeem as the software will automatically select for you the maximum number of points that you are allowed to redeem for that particular purchase.


Redemption issues

If customers are not able to see the option to redeem their points even after logging into their shop account, it could be that the Beans app is not correctly installed in your shop.

In some cases, customers might not complete their order after redemption, or the order fails due to a declined payment. In those situations, customers will be refunded their points after a certain delay.

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