Why do rules have minimum points?

Why do some rules require to set a minimum points value?

Setting the right points amount for each rule can be a tricky exercise. It is important for the merchant to have a cost-effective rewards program scheme while maximizing customer satisfaction.

In order to help you design the best rewards program and minimize shoppers' dissatisfaction, Beans enforces a minimum points value for certain rules. Not all rules have limits.

As a matter of fact, Beans relies highly on email notifications to keep customers engaged. When customers earn points they will be notified by email. For example, if you set up the rule to reward customers on their birthday, customers will receive a notification on their birthday letting them know that they have received points for this special occasion. If the birthday rule is set to a ridiculously low amount of points, for example, 25 points which is equivalent to $0.25, this will upset many customers. Of course, no one wants to wait a whole year to receive a 25 cents discount on their next purchase. And angry customers know how to hurt a brand. Many customers will start reporting the email notifications as spam, and it is hard to blame them. A high rate of spam reports is damageable to your brand and also our servers. This in turn will have a negative impact on email deliverability for all merchants using Beans.

Having a minimum points value per rule ensures that customers are happily engaged and participating in your rewards program.

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