Custom fields

This article will show you how to add custom field to your members data.

Custom fields let you store specialized information about your members. That means you can use them to segment your members to increase your conversion.

A custom field has 2 parts:

  • Name The name of the custom field.

  • Type: The kind of information your custom field will store. You can select between numeric or text

Creating and managing custom fields

  1. From the Members page, click on the Actions button

  2. Click on Add custom fields

3. Click on Add new custom field 4. Enter the field name and select its type 5. When you finished, click on Save.

Custom fields limitations

To make sure you don't lose data when using custom fields, these limitations are applied to them :

  • You cannot edit a custom field once it is added.

  • You cannot delete a custom field once it is added

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