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How to use your company domain to send emails with Beans

Adding a custom email address

When you email a customer, having an email address that includes your domain name will help you maintain and grow an engaged audience. It increases your customers' trust and also indicates to inbox providers that you are a legitimate sender with a legitimate business. Ultimately, you’ll want your sender's email address to look like,, etc.


1. Go to the Display page under the Emails menu.

2. Click on the Edit sender details button in the Sender Details section.

3. Inside the popup that opens, fill the email address field with your custom email;

4. Make sure all the other data are correct and click on Update to save. Once you update your email address you will be asked to verify that you own that email and domain.

Verify your email address' domain name

Beans proceeds to your email domain verification to ensure that you have permission to send emails from it. To go through the verification process, you will need to access your domain records. We recommend you log into your domain provider or web host's website or use website management software like cPanel, Plesk, or WHM.


1. Locate the domain name that corresponds to the sender email you have set up.

2. Click on the Verify domain button.

3. Read the instructions about domain verification to make sure you understand them.

4. Copy the displayed TXT Record value.

5. In a separate browser window or tab, navigate to your domain provider's website and find your domain's records.

6. Create a new TXT record for your domain name and paste the value copied above from Beans into the appropriate fields.

7. Make sure all the data you entered are correct and save the TXT record.

8. Navigate back to Beans dashboard and in the Verify Your Email Domain popup and click on Verify. Please note that, depending on your domain registrar, changes to your domain records can take up to 48 hours to propagate. In most cases, it takes less than 2 hours.

9. Your email domain will be verified if Beans can confirm your records are updated and correct.

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