Spend X dollar to get X points
The Loyalty rule allows you to reward customers with points for spending a particular amount on your store thus improving your business and getting customers returning back to you by rewarding them for their patronage and purchase in your store. The Loyalty rule allows you to choose the number of points to rewards your customers for every $ purchase on your store.
We recommend you set it between 10 and 30 points for every one dollar spent on the store depending on your average order value. Please note that for this rule 100 points equals $1.
Points are calculated based on the value of the order after discounts and before shipping, taxes. For example, if the subtotal is $100 and the customer uses a discount of $20, pays shipping fees of $30 and taxes of $40, they will earn points for $100-20=$80.


  1. 1.
    Points: The number of points a customer gets for spending $1

How does it work?

Customers will get the points immediately after spending the amount you set in your shop account.