Pending Debits

What is a pending debit and how to cancel it?

What is a pending debit

A pending debit occurs when the customer tries to redeem their points. Immediately after redeeming their point during a purchase a debit is created with the status pending . This means that the debit is not yet fully recorded into the customer account's history. Once the customer complete the order the debit status is then moved from pending to committed and the transaction will appear in the history. The pending state exists to prevent customers gambling with the system. For example a customer could try to redeem for multiple orders at the same time and get more discount that they are allocated. The pending debits can be seen in the admin dashboard as explained on the screenshot bellow.

How to cancel a pending debit

If the customer cancel their redemption, the pending debit is automatically cancelled and then the customer get access to their full balance.

In case the customer exit without completing the order. the pending debit is automatically cancelled within 48 hours.