Why is Beans better than the other options?

Why is Beans better than the alternatives

Here are some reasons that others have chosen Beans:

  • Beans is one of the only customer reward programs that focuses on the end-user experience. Your users' engagement is our highest priority: each piece of our infrastructure and each stage of our operations are designed with the end-user in mind.

  • Beans is managed and hassle-free. We handle everything from balance reminders to activity notifications to make sure your customers won't forget about you, so you can focus on business.

  • An impressive number of rules that help you reward your customers for (almost) everything that matters to your business.

  • The interface is deadly simple.

  • An elegant, powerful API makes it quick and easy to integrate Beans seamlessly on your website.

  • There are also a few plugins available to get you started in minutes with no coding skills.

  • You won't need to deal with any other legacy loyalty or customer reward program that are not user-friendly.

  • Complete freedom to create the reward experience you want—your site or app, your workflow.

  • Competitive, crystal-clear pricing. We offer a free and a premium plan which includes support. Check out our pricing page. There are no additional fees or limits on the number of points you can credit or debit. It’s easy to understand, easy to project, and without any surprises.

  • Rapid help from real people.

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