What are rules? How to set them?

Rules let you set actions for which you would like to reward your customers. Using the rules you will be able to define exactly how much points you want to give to your customers when they complete an action that is profitable to your business. You can set as many rules as you like. We recommend you set at least 5 or 6 rules to make your rewards program attractive to your customers.

Activating a rule

Adding a new rule is relatively easy. Go to the rules page from the left menu and activate any rule that you want. Once you have activated a rule you can now edit it and set up details such as the numbers of points you would like to award for that action.

Some rules require complex logic that cannot only be handle by Liana. You may need to first activate the required application or integration through the Trellis system.

Setting points value

Once you have activated a rule you can set how much points you want to give to customers for completing the action. By default 100 points are worth $1 or 1 unit of currency depending on your currency. So if your currency is EUR, then 100 points are worth €1. If you decide to give your customers 200 points for signup to your online store it means they will get $2 credit. If you set it to 400 points, it means they will get $4 credit and so forth.

Deactivating a rule

You can deactivate a rule whenever you want. For the rules page select the rule that you want to disable. Click on the red Disable rule button at the bottom left of the screen and confirm.

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