Reset and reconnect

Troubleshoot and reconnect the Beans plugin in your WooCommerce shop

For the Beans plugin on WooCommerce to work as expected, it has to be connected to the Beans servers. This helps synchronize the rules you have set up, the email notifications, and many other features.

In some rare events, the plugin seems connected but is not working as expected. This can happen after a WordPress or WooCommerce update or a Beans plugin update. To fix this issue, reset the plugin settings and reconnect Beans on your shop.


Before starting, ensure you have installed the last version of the Beans plugin for WooCommerce.

  1. Go to the Beans plugin page in your WordPress admin backend

  2. Click on Go to Beans Ultimate button on the top right. This ensures that you are logged in to your Beans account.

  3. Click Reset settings nowon the bottom right.

  4. Follow the setup instructions and reconnect your account.

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