Link your referral page to your Woocommerce store.

Add your referral program to your Woocommere store, this steps are also applicable for adding the reward program to your store.

The referral program page lets customers join your referral program and refer your business to their friends. By default, when the customer installs Bamboo, the referral page is automatically added to the store menu. However in the case that the page is not automatically added, we recommend you add a link to your program page directly on your website menu so that customers will know about it.

Here is how to do it:

To add the page on Woocommerce, you need to go to your Woocommerce dashboard. After that, select the pages menu

If you want to edit the referral page you should hover this page with the cursor, here you can now see add sub-menu. In this sub-menu, you will click on edit if you want to edit your referral page now you can easily edit the referral page.

However, you shouldn't remove the shortcode. Otherwise, the program page will not display.

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