Weglot Integration

This article will show you how to integrate weglot with the beans applications.

Weglot is a SaaS tech start-up that helps businesses turn their websites multilingual. To successfully integrate Weglot with the Beans applications, you need to ensure that you have installed the app in your Shopify store and the language switch button appears in your store. Here is the Weglot guide to set it up in your Shopify store: https://support.weglot.com/article/84-shopify-integration-setup

After you have successfully installed the app, you need to go to the Weglot app settings, To do this: Go to the App section of the Shopify Admin and click on Weglot.

When you click on the Weglot app other options will appear, you need to scroll down through the other options, there you will see the option labeled Dynamic elements.

To Integrate With Liana

Add the rewards program page container id (#liana-rewards-page). In the Input labeled Dynamic elements. For Liana, you will be adding: #liana-rewards-page

Click On Save.

To Integrate With Bamboo

Add the referral program page container id (#bamboo-referral-page) and the Bamboo popup container id (#bamboo-popup-container) in the dynamic element section, You need to add them individually. For Bamboo you will be adding: #bamboo-referral-page #bamboo-popup-container

Click On Save.

To Integrate With Arrow

Add arrow button class (.beans-arrow) and arrow popup class (.beans-arrow-popup). For Arrow you will be adding: .beans-arrow .beans-arrow-popup

Click On Save. To test if the Weglot integration works for Arrow Go to your store Login/Register page and switch the language. Confirm that the Connect with Facebook button text is translated to the currently selected language.

For the translations to be 100% effective you need to ensure that you activate English as your store language in the admin interface. With this, the integration will work as expected.

Integrating Weglot On Shopify Checkout Page

The Poppy app has a pop-up that appears on the checkout page, In order for Weglot to be able to translate the Popup that appears on the checkout (thank_you) page, A Weglot script must be loaded on that page. To do so, first obtain the JavaScript code snippet by following this guide : https://weglot.com/documentation/setup-guides/generic-setup-guide/#js_inte

Here is a video explaining how you can get the JavaScript code snippet from Weglot:

After you have successfully gotten the code snippet you need to add it to the checkout page. To do this go to the checkout page located in the settings section of the Shopify admin. Here is a direct link: https://www.shopify.com/admin/settings/checkout

Scroll down to the Order processing section, in the input labeled Additional scripts, paste the Weglot snippet as shown in the below screenshot.

Click Save.

Here is a video showing how you can add the code snippet to the Shopify checkout page. https://www.loom.com/share/eab2ddeea1624bf487a0e15817e53aff After you have successfully added the coding snippet on the Checkout page the Popup will be translated to the language you select.

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