Redemption block

How to display the redemption block on the cart page, and how to solve display issues with the redeem button on your store.

By default, Beans will automatically append a redeem block on the cart and/or checkout page, so that customers can easily redeem their points during their purchase.

Custom theme

While Beans supports most themes out of the box, there are some instances where Beans JS will fail to locate the right placement for the redemption block. In those cases, the developer should help Beans scripts find out where the redemption button should be displayed.

Add the following HTML code wherever you want the redemption redemption button to be displayed. Add this tag in your cart page HTML body:

<div class="beans-cart"></div>

Tips: You can also manually add the redemption block container if you would like to change the redeem block position.

Overlay cart popup

Since most overlay cart popups are dynamic, it is hard for Beans to know where and when to display the redemption button. In those cases, there is no easy solution. If you can redirect customers to the cart page, we encourage you to do so, especially on platforms like Shopify where the redemption option cannot be displayed at Checkout. Alternatively, you can also make use of our Widget that will let customers redeem from any page on your online store.

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