Using discount codes with redemption

This article explains how Shopify merchants can manage discount codes conflicting with points redemption.

Beans rewards program uses discount coupons to apply points redemptions. When a customer tries to redeem their points, a discount code is generated and is applied to their cart.

Shopify (classic)

If you are using the classic version of Shopify (not using Shopify Plus), Shopify does not allow your customers to use multiple discounts at checkout. Therefore if a customer wants to redeem their points, they will not be able to use another discount code.

Shopify Plus

For Shopify Plus merchant, there is an option to use multiple discount codes at checkout. You will need to get in touch with Shopify to have the feature activated for your store.

Even if you decide to let your customers use multiple discounts code at checkout, you should keep in mind that discount codes can be mutually exclusive. This means that the usage of one discount code can prevent a customer to apply another discount code if both discount rules do not match. This is especially true for the rewards program if you have activated custom redemption rules such as cart discount limitation or minimum points condition.

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