Automate email notifications for your loyalty and referral program and more.

The notification rules let you set up automated emails for your loyalty and referral programs. This is the recommended way to send email notifications with updates about your rewards program.

A rule represents an event that triggers upon specific conditions. When the condition is met an email is sent to the customer to encourage them to perform an action. In marketing jargon, this is also commonly referred to as transactional emails. As opposed to marketing emails that are sent by the merchant to all or a segment of customers, the transactional email is only triggered for each customer when the set of conditions has been met.

Beans transactional emails feature is designed to help increase the performance of your rewards and referral programs. It is recommended to activate as many as you deem fit as this correlates with better performance for your programs.

Using your own transactional emails application

Beans integrates with email solutions such as Mailchimp and Klaviyo. This allows you to synchronize data such as point balance. Although it is possible to set up transactional emails from a third-party application, this is not the recommended solution. Unfortunately, the Beans team is not able to provide you with tailored support when setting up notifications from another application.

List of integrations

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