Edit Beans pages

How to add additional information to the rewards program page

Beans plugin for Woocommerce automatically adds a rewards page to your shop. By default, you can access the page at http://myshop.com/rewards-program, assuming your website's full URL is http://myshop.com.

To display the rewards program page Beans use the shortcode [beans_page] . That makes it very easy to add any additional information to that page.

  1. From your WordPress backend, in the left menu click on Pages > All pages.

  2. Look for the page Reward Page and click on edit.

3. Add the additional information in the text editor without getting rid of the shortcode [beans_page].

4. Click on Update to save your changes

If your rewards page is not in the menu, take the opportunity to add a link to it, so that customers can easily access it.

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