Connection Issues

How to fix connection issues when trying to connect your store to Beans

Beans plugin uses Woocommerce API to provide you great services that help you sell more. However, when connecting our application to your store. We check to confirm that all the required configurations are working as expected.

Case HTTP Status: 200, 401

If you have got a 401 HTTP status and your website is password-protected, you are using a “coming soon” or “site under construction” plugin that is disabling public access to your store. This also disables API access and our applications need this to work. Temporarily disable it in order to connect our plugin to your store. After that, you can reactivate it again.

For example, if this is your store link, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to and then confirm that you see a page that looks like the image below.

2. Now go to and then confirm that you can see a page that looks like the image below.

How it works

If the issue persists, please contact our support team and attach a screenshot.

Case HTTP Status: 0

Sometimes, when we are checking the configuration, we receive a status 0 which means that when the application tried to connect with your store an issue was encountered. Most of the time, this situation occurs when the SSL certificate on your website is not valid. You can renew your SSL certificate and try again.

Case HTTP Status: 404

This article will help explain in details how to settle an issue with error 404

Others cases

Here is a list of some of the issues and how you can settle them:

  • Your store is using the old WooCommerce version 3.9 or an older version. Make sure you upgrade to the latest WooCommerce version before installing our plugin.

  • For the plugin to work, WordPress needs to be installed at the domain or subdomain level, not at the page level. For example, If you are developing a store for a client and you’re creating a mockup on Our server will try to connect to the WooCommerce API at the subdomain level but the store is on As an alternative, you can install the development store on subdomain, with this our applications will connect to the store as expected.

  • You have a caching plugin in your store that strips the “Authorization” header. To settle this try disabling your plugins one after the other to find the one that is causing the issue.

If you’ve tried all the above, It might be that your server is stripping the “Authorization” header.

As this pertains to the configuration of your web server and other WordPress plugins, Beans cannot provide support in these cases. You can try the suggestions below. Please always consult with a web developer when making configuration changes.

In some cases adding the following to your .htaccess file might help:

SetEnvIf Authorization "(.*)" HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$1

If this information does not help, please review the configuration of your caching plugin and look for the settings that pertain to caching or not caching headers.

If after doing all of this the issue persists please contact your hosting provider.

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