Cart Booster

Get 3 times as many points when you spend more than $X in our shop

The Cart booster rule helps in ensuring your customers return back to your shop, it multiplies the points of customers for purchasing a particular worth of items on your store, If a customer purchases an item or items in a cart worth $400, and your Cart booster is set with a threshold of $400 with a multiplier of 4, the customer will get 4 times the normal points he is supposed to get for the purchase, so Instead of getting 100 points, your customer will get 400 points.


  1. Threshold: The amount the customer has to purchase before the rule of cart booster can be applied.

  2. Multiplier: The number of times the points will be multiplied.

How does it work?

Customers will get the points, as soon as they purchase goods worth the amount the retailer set for them to access the reward.

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