Getting Started With Bamboo

This article will explain how the referral program works, and it will help you understand when a referral is said to be successful.

With the bamboo application a referral is successful, when the referred customer makes a purchase. When the first customer registers for the referral, a unique link is generated for him on the referral program page, the customer can share the link directly to Facebook or Twitter from the store.

You can click to share directly to Facebook or twitter

The customer can also click on the copy button to copy the link and share to their friends on any platform.

As soon as their friends click on the referral link, they are automatically directed to your store with a popup that says your friend ( the referrer ) is giving you a discount to spend in the store.

After registering for the referral program the referred customer immediately receives a popup showing a unique coupon code that they can use for their purchase in the store. They get this reward for accepting the referral invitation. The customer can chose to copy and use the coupon code immediately or they can access it on the referral program page when they are ready to make a purchase.

Immediately the referred customer makes a purchase, the referrer will receive his reward.

A referral is deemed successful when the referred customer makes a purchase in the store using his invite link, when there is a successful referral the referrer gets his reward.

The referral reward value can also vary depending on the retailer, it can be i. Reward points ii. Percentage coupon iii. Fixed amount coupon.